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[CERRADA] Telegram bot (Paying) -No deposit-Free 2000 sat.Bonus+Earn sat.with simple game.
Cita:Se cierra el tema ya que no es una oferta sino un listado de enlaces de referido sin mayor descripcion.

Por favor agregar sus enlaces en temas diferentes y describir la oferta.

wow btc bot
Telegram bot (Paying) -No deposit
FREE 2000 satoshi Bonus &
Earn daily (playing a simple game every day)

Direct payout to btc wallet.
Jointhe bot->Click 2 lJoin their two telegram channel links->Play simple game and earn.
Roll and win $300 worth of Tron(TRX) Every Hour!

Min:10 TRX

[b]Free-TETHER(USDT)/Doge/LTC/BCH/ETH----100% Legit & Honest Admin.

Win up to 200$ worth Free TETHER(USDT) Every Hour +Multiply & Lottery!--Min: 0.5 USDT

Win up to 200$ worth Free ETH Every Hour +Multiply & Lottery!--Min: 0.00020 ETH

Win up to 200$ worth Free-Litecoin Every Hour +Multiply & Lottery!- Min: 0.00020 LTC

Win up to 200$ worth Free Bcash Every Hour +Multiply & Lottery!--Min: 0.00020 BCH

Win up to 200$ worth Free-Dogecoin Every Hour +Multiply & Lottery!--Min: 25 Doge

LTC Payout Proof: 7b4d2793a437b086... 1515828 2018-10-26 11:09:47 - 0.0051 LTC
BCH Payout Proof:02-Nov-2018, 15:53:18 1450.....840b2 +0.00138000 BCH[/b]

[Imagen: image.jpg]
Claim satoshi(up to 25000 sat. per claim) & No Time Limit!
+Nice Lottery+Bitcoin Dice+ Slots

Min.30000 sat.
[Imagen: satoshi-hero.jpg]
Roll (up to 55000 satoshi) Every Hour + Dice, GEm, Slot games.
Bonus: Verify your email to get 10 free spins and double your faucet rewards for 3 days!

Min: 30000 sat.

Claim up to 1000 satoshi every hour(Min:1000 sat.)
Claim up to 4000 Gewi /Hr.(Min:0.0001 ETH)
Claim up to 0.25 doge /Hr(Min: 1 doge)

Claim every 10 min+
PTC,Shortlinks & Games.
No minimum(faucetpay)

Mecoinz 0.00000010 BTC Normal Payment 23rd July, 2020

FREE Bitcoin & LTC & Faucet Tokens(FCN) Every Hour! FREE 500 sat.for email confirmation+
Many other ways!

Free tickets & Lottery,
PTC ads & Shortlinks,
Games like flip coin,price prediction etc.,
Low Min:2000 sat.

Satoshimonster----Smilar & sister site of Satoshihero
Claim satoshi(up to 25000 sat. per claim)-No Time Limit!
+Nice Lottery+Bitcoin Dice+ Slots

Min.30000 sat.
Register Here: Exchange -No KYC.
Multicoin faucets
Click faucets & Claim as many coins as you want &
Convert them to BTC and withdraw!


FREE Faucet:-BTC LTC DOGE or USD Every Hour! (Claim 0.003 - $ 100 Every Hour!)
Games,currency exchange etc.,(Provably Fair)
BTC:0.0002 BTC
LTC: 0.01 LTC
Doge:1000 DOGE
Payeer:1 USD
Roll & Claim Up to 7,500,000.00 bits Every Hour + Lottery
& PTC +Offers + shortlinks....more!
&Guess if there will be more or less bitcoin in the next 5 minutes, and multiply your bits.
&Levels: With each level you reach, you earn more bits from our faucet.
&Activity rewards : claim free activity bits
Min:8000 satoshi(faucetpay)

Captainbitcoin-A video content and education platform designed specifically to drive Bitcoin and crypto adoption.
D-A-I-L-Y 100000 satoshi each Giveaway!+
FREE Tokens!(No KYC)
Watch Videos,
Learn Crypto,
Earn Crypto,
Win Bitcoin Daily!
It is Daily Bitcoin giveaway (up to $1000)
Note:Install metamask through browser in order to log in (you'll need a small amount of ETH to pay for gas)

New--ShikarBitBot(Legit & paying)
Free BTC with 10 level 0.1 worth BTC at EACH level!!!
Simple Task:

1.Open the bot Here:
2.Choose language
3.Click ;invite link'
4.Subscribe to any 2 channels like telegram & youtube

Referral and referrer both get 10000 sat.bonus
(after registering you need to confirm email and claim faucet by clicking 'earn' button)
Bonus:10000 sat.!+Faucet+
Offers,surveys,typing,games etc.,And Many new features 'coming'.
Admin. is active on discord.
Roll & Claim Up to 7,500,000.00 bits Every Hour + Lottery
& PTC +Offers + shortlinks....more!
&Guess if there will be more or less bitcoin in the next 5 minutes, and multiply your bits.
&Levels: With each level you reach, you earn more bits from our faucet.
&Activity rewards : claim free activity bits
Min:8000 satoshi(faucetpay)

Clicksgenie-BTC for just clicking email ads (Legit)!No captcha!No popups.(100 % LEGIT)
Receive daily emails from advertisers with links.
Just click the daily links & get paid!No captcha!No popups!
Low Min: 0.01$ worth satoshi (Instant to Faucet Hub)
Proof:Instant to FH
Clicks Genie BTC 31549 sat Just now RECEIVED NORMAL

[b]Cointiply(100% LEGIT)
Earn up to 100,000 coins with every spin.
Faucet+multiplier+Offer walls+Games!

Free 100 coins with Sign Up
Loyalty bonus
Earn a bonus when you roll a prime number.
Hundreds of offers to choose from on our offer walls.
Watch short videos and earn Bitcoin.
Complete short surveys for huge Bitcoin rewards.
Earn Bitcoins for Playing Games
Recent 5th Payout:
[Imagen: i138.jpg]
Rigister HERE & Earn up to 100,000 coins with every spin![/b]

5 min. Faucet+PTC +S.links

Min:500 sat.(FP)

Claim up to 50,000 sat. Every 15 min.+offers+PTC etc.,

Min:10000 sat.

FREE doge every hour!
Easiest captcha and no ads or no popups.

Min:1 doge[/b]
FREE BTC Every Hour+
Multiply,Crash & Kingkong Games & Cloud mining!

Min: 30000 satoshi.
[Imagen: i153.jpg] ---Collect FREE BTC Every Hour+Multiply
Collect free satoshi and bonuses every hour. &
No Captcha -No Registration
Provably fair Dice Game

Minimum : 10000 satoshi

Serpclix(Legit&Auto Pay)-NO ad clicking & auto pay just for your google search!

Now....SerpClix is a GPT firefox application which pays you to perform searches on google. No ad clicking.

Earn $0.10per search, other countries earn $0.05per search. Refer other members and earn 10% commission on their searches.

Minimum amount for withdrawal is just $4.00 which paid automatically on the first week of every month directly to your Paypal account.

1. Register as a seller/clicker from the top menu where it says "Become A Clicker"
2. Login, download and install the extension for Firefox

How do i complete a search?
1. Login into the extension, a new tab will open!
2. Click on any available order, another new tab with Google will open, Type or Copy N' Paste the keyword and search for the required URL. Once found, click on it and stay until the timer hits zero, you can click any links if you want except any ads or the back button of your browser. I repeat: DO NOT CLICK ON ANY ADS. After the timer has finished the tab will close automatically and you will be redirected back to the order page.

Do not use any VPN or proxies or you will get banned!
Happy Earnings!

Earn BIG with Coinpot(100 % LEGIT)
[Imagen: COINPOT.jpg]
Claim Every 5 Min/Any Time+Multiplier game !Loyalty bonus +Referral bonus +Mystery bonus.
Direct to coinpot-Just login with your email!

Clickbots--Simplest task.No captcha -No pop up!Lots of ads and many coins!!!(100 % LEGIT)
BTC--Unlimited satoshi with Easiest Task--Lots of ads and lots of coins!(No captcha)(Min: 3500 sat.& STATUS: PAYING)

BCH--Unlimited satoshi with Easiest Task--Lots of ads and lots of coins!(No captcha)(Min:0.0001 BCH& STATUS: PAYING)

DOGE --- Unlimited dogetoshi with Easiest Task--Lots of ads and lots of coins!(No captcha)(Min: 3 Doge & STATUS: PAYING)

LTC --- Unlimited litoshi with Easiest Task--Lots of ads and lots of coins!(No captcha)(Min: 0.0004LTC. &STATUS: PAYING)

Earn unlimited FREE LTC easiest way!
Many Many ways to earn.
Instant Faucethub Payouts(Min:1000 litoshi)
1.litecoinads earn free ltc or post your ads
cheap LTC 25584 sat 12 days ago RECEIVED
2.litecoinads earn free ltc or post your ads
cheap LTC 53190 sat 49 secs ago RECEIVED

The BEST & LEGIT easy earning sites for just solving simple captchas &
Many payout options!!2Captcha

The Most Easiest Way to earn FREE BTC/LTC etc.,!
Really easy...Almost it's NO WORK.
Easiest captcha.No Popups.No Short Links.
So many ads..even Very High Value ads up to $1,2,3,...100$!!!
Many other ways!
100% Legit!
True Passive Income!
Keep clicking 'BAP ads' daily from 1st day. And you keep getting 'cash ads'also
for clicking from second day onwards depending on your total BAP Value.
Note: Dont forget to keep checking.Because you will find high value cash ads(Like 0.05/0.04/0.03/0.02/0.01$ worth....) at any time.
Min.Cashout :Only 1$(BTC/LTC/Payeer etc.,)

BTC just for promoting your link!
Min.w/d: $1
JOIN :HERE & Click affiliate program tab and then click register & All you need to do is to just promote your link)

Idle-empire(Legit & sponsored by STEEM)
FREE 500 points(Sign Up Bonus)+Many Ways!
Earn points & Redeem.(1000 points=about 1600 sat.)
Simple Tasks,Offers, Videos, crypto mine,Surveys etc.,
Payout via BTC,LTC,ETH:Giftcards;PM etc.,

Mellowads Faucet
(Earn credits for advertising your referral links/sites)

The BIG BEST exchanges
Very low fee
Up to 2 BTC daily w/d limit without KYC!
+ Their own coins/shares & dividends.
And much more.....many features.

No verification, no withdrawal limits, totally anonymous exchange.
Register Here:

Mobile App,Fees very low
Customer Support Good
Without submitting any verification details, you’re placed at Level 1 and can withdraw up to 2 BTC worth of cryptocurrency a day.

Up to $200 in BTC Every Hour & 1 BTC in weekly Lottery!
(ANY one can join!No need to ask for payout because
I have set AUTO- SHARE ON with 100%))
Its 100% FREE & 100% LEGIT(The ONLY Oldest LEGIT Site!)
No Investment
Claim FREE satoshi -Up to $200 worth BTC Every Hour!

(Example:If you claim 50000 sat. in a week,you auto get back 25000(which is my ref.reward from you)
Plus MANY MORE Features like dice,betting,games,BIG weekly Lottery etc.,
Min Withdrawal: 30,000 Satoshi.(Auto Pays Every Sunday)
(If you are already a member,still you can leave old one
and make new account with new BTC address & email support)
[Imagen: image.jpg]
[Imagen: 100b8a3d551e45a3ac8cf804393fa21c.png]
[Imagen: 100b8a3d551e45a3ac8cf804393fa21c.png]
[Imagen: image.jpg]

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